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4 Ways to Prepare for Your Commercial Property Inspection

To make a wise investment in a commercial property, you must gather all the facts. An informed decision will allow you to do what makes the most financial sense for your bottom line, and the best way to collect the data you need is through a commercial property inspection. Let Trident Inspection Group aid you in making your next real estate decision by empowering you with facts about the property’s condition. This article will cover how you can prepare for your Chino Hills, California, commercial property inspection.

Commercial Property Inspection

1. Assemble Property Documentation 

The most important thing you can do to prepare for your inspection is to gather any documentation related to the building being evaluated. If you have building plans and permits, planning applications, maintenance records, compliance documents, or anything else related to the commercial property available, be ready to hand it off to the inspector.

2. Engage Experts as Necessary 

If there are any specific concerns or other unique considerations about your commercial property, you’ll want to involve the appropriate experts to help identify and resolve issues. For example, you may need to defer to a structural engineer if you suspect structural problems with the building.

3. Involve Knowledgeable Individuals  

Is there a knowledgeable building manager or someone else with detailed insight into the property being inspected? It would be wise for that individual to accompany the inspector as they evaluate the property and be available to answer any questions they may have about the building.

4. Ensure Access to All Areas

Just as with a home inspection, you’ll want to ensure the inspector can access all necessary areas within the building. Clear out pathways, unlock doors, and provide easy access to all of the crucial areas of the property.

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