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Wildfire Mitigation & Home Hardening Inspections

When it comes to protecting your home and its surroundings from wildfires, Trident Inspection Group is a wildfire mitigation specialist that can help you be compliant with new disclosures, such as Assembly Bill 38 in California. Call (714) 332-6689, request a quote, or schedule now. We serve Orange County and the surrounding areas of California.

Wildfire Threats

During a wildfire, homes face a triple threat. Fires can be started by any of the following:

  • Wind-blown embers
  • Radiant heat
  • Direct flame contact

Of these three, 60-90% of home loss is due to fires started by embers. Embers are particularly dangerous because they can cause fires in two ways: 1) direct causation in a home by blowing into an attic vent, for instance, and 2) indirect causation by starting a fire to nearby vegetation or an outbuilding, which then catches a home on fire.

Wildfire mitigation specialist in Orange County CA

What Is AB-38?

AB-38 is a new disclosure implemented because of ongoing wildfires in California. Basically, AB-38 requires the following:

  • A seller who lives in an area designated as a High or Very High Hazard Severity Zone must provide proof to the buyer that the property is in compliance with defensible space requirements.
  • This new disclosure is required only for residential structures of 1-4 units built prior to January 1, 2010, in the two zones designated above.

We can help with an AB-38 inspection that checks to see if your home meets defensible space requirements. Through our inspection we will also offer suggestions for home hardening, which can involve altering or replacing construction components.

Ultimately, we recommend a “coupled approach” that examines the exterior construction materials and how they are put together and considers the surrounding vegetation and other combustible materials in the defensible space zones surrounding a home.

AB-38 Inspections

Avoid an expensive non-disclosure claim with an AB-38 inspection from Trident Inspection Group. Once completed, you’ll have the information you need to complete a disclosure form for Home Fire Hardening and Defensible Space. Only government agencies can provide you with a certification, and you’ll be in the clear to pass the CAL FIRE inspection after we pass along the necessary information for your property.

Our reports will include any modifications needed to comply with defensible space requirements, such as tree removal or brush cleaning. These expenses can be negotiated during escrow. The buyer is responsible for getting an evaluation or certification within the first 12 months if the seller doesn’t provide one for the property.

Your Natural Hazards Disclosure (NHD) will state the fire severity zone you are in. An inspection is recommended if you are in a high, or very high, fire severity zone.

There are two options if a property is not in compliance. Either the buyer agrees to reach compliance within a year, or the current property owner will need to complete the required wildfire modifications within the inspection report and have the property inspected again prior to escrow.

You are only responsible for maintaining defensible space up to the property line, or 100’, whichever is closer. Contact CAL FIRE or your local Fire Department if the area adjacent to your property is within 100 feet of your house and overgrown.

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Defensible Space Zones

A home’s best defense against wildfires involves constant monitoring of three defensible space zones surrounding the home.

Zone 0

The Ember-Resistant Zone (0-5 feet).

Zone 1

The Lean, Clean, and Green Zone (5-30 feet).

Zone 2

The Reduced Fuel Zone (30-100 feet).

Part of the monitoring includes the examination of the following home components to assess their vulnerability and offer suggestions for improvement: roofs, roof edges, rain gutters, vents, siding, skylights, windows, decks, garages, chimneys, and fences.

Once the inspection is complete, we will email a link to our comprehensive online report complete with repair estimates by 9 a.m. the next day (Monday-Sunday). We will also make sure you have the information needed to complete the compliance inspection report.

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Make your home as fireproof as possible with the wildfire mitigation specialist, Trident Inspection Group. Call (714) 332-6689, request a quote, or schedule now. We serve Orange County and the surrounding areas of California including Westminster, Cypress, Chino Hills, Los Angeles, Riverside, Anaheim, Mission Viejo, and Irvine.

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