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5 Common Home Inspection Flaws in Chino Hills, California

A home inspection is like a fact-finding mission, as the inspector looks for any flaws or safety concerns with the home’s components. At Trident Inspection Group, our home inspections will give you the peace of mind you need when you are in the process of buying the perfect property. Our team of thoroughly trained, certified […]

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Buyer and Seller Inspections in Chino Hills, California

Home inspections give a full picture of a home’s condition and can benefit both the buyer and the seller. Trident Inspection Group offers inspection services with comprehensive reports that will give you peace of mind and the facts that will help all parties to move forward in confidence with the transaction. We offer two specific […]

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How to Ensure a Home is Safe For an Elderly Household Member

Are you planning an aging in place strategy for you or a family member to utilize a current home for the long term? There are elements in the home that will need to be addressed to ensure there are no safety hazards and that everything is accessible for seniors or those with physical limitations. Trident […]

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Termites Love California, So Schedule Your Termite Inspection

California has always been a high-ranking state for termites and termite damage, especially in the southern areas. The state doesn’t require a termite inspection before purchasing a property, but most lenders uphold that requirement. Trident Inspection Group offers termite inspections to help you complete your due diligence before closing on a new home. After all, […]

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3 Common Home Inspection Questions From First Time Buyers

If you are getting ready to buy your first home, or even if you are about to buy your forever home, you may have questions about how the inspection process works. It doesn’t help that you can research something online and end up with many different answers! Trident Inspection Group would like to set the […]

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The Truth Behind 4 Common Home Inspection Myths

Buying a home is an exciting, yet overwhelming, season in your life. The home inspection can be unnerving for both the buyer and the seller, as you anticipate the report to learn what flaws and possible repair needs await you. Trident Inspection Group will give you peace of mind with our home inspection services as […]

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Why You Need a Sewer Inspection Before You Negotiate

No home is perfect, but there are some issues that are more difficult to manage and could even bring a real estate transaction to a halt. Trident Inspection Group has seen our share of problems in homes that new homeowners wish they had known beforehand, and they could have known about these issues with a […]

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Primary Beneficiary of Appraisal and Inspection: Buyer or Seller?

There are two important steps in a real estate transaction that are often confused with each other, or mistakenly used interchangeably. As the experts at Trident Inspection Group have discussed before, the appraisal and inspection each serve their own important purpose. You might be left wondering who will benefit from each of these steps, though. […]

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How Can a Mold Inspection Protect You and Your Family?

All too often, there are hidden dangers within a home that are only able to be seen by a trained professional with the right equipment. Trident Inspection Group knows well the risks that are associated with mold inside the home, and why good indoor air quality is important for the welfare of your family. We […]

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