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Why Field Training Is Important for Home Inspection Training

When undertaking home inspection training, fieldwork is an incredibly crucial part of the process. Doing fieldwork will ensure that you learn from experienced professionals, ask questions about what you’re not sure about and apply your skills directly! 

We can’t stress enough the importance of field training for your experience and in your future career as a home inspector. Having field training hours can be incredibly beneficial in your professional development as a home inspector – here’s why:

Learn about how you handle unexpected issues

Doing a home inspection successfully and up to standards is about being thorough and diligent. Homeowners, buyers, and sellers rely on your expertise and eye to detail, especially your ability to improvise when unexpected issues crop up. 

From no-shows to unexpected developments and repairs in the house to spotting an unsafe part of the house – anything can happen! Seeing how professional home inspectors deal with challenges and understanding their thought processes during that time can help.

Solidifies your training

Your training will give you a very good overview, but when it comes to practically applying those skills, well…there really is no replacement for field training. If you have been diligently studying during the home inspection training, doing field training is beneficial since it helps you feel more comfortable and confident as a home inspector. 

It can be daunting putting your training to the test, and field training allows you to take it slow, build your experience, and feel more confident when you go out on your own. Hiring a home inspector is usually based on experience and expertise, which field training will help you develop. That will also help you down the line, especially when you start out as a home inspector and talk to prospective homebuyers, owners, and sellers.

Clarify what you’re not sure about

There will always be bits and pieces of the training that you are just not sure about. Or you might encounter scenarios as part of the training and not feel fully confident in how you responded or what the best action is. One of the best things about shadowing a home inspector during your field training is getting to ask questions!

This is your chance to learn more about the career, ask questions about things you are not sure about and get answers from an experienced professional. Opportunities like that do not come by often, so it is crucial to take advantage when they do! 

As you do the field training, you can also ask questions around the decision-making process (especially when unexpected issues arise!) and get a much better understanding of what the job entails and the best ways to respond. 

Ultimately, field training is a crucial aspect of the home inspection training process that should not be overlooked. It is one of the best ways to apply what you have learned, ask questions, and feel confident as a future home inspector. There are a lot of nuances and details that go into the process, which training just cannot convey. It’s only when you see it all happen in front of you that you learn about what a home inspector does and professionally develop. 

At Trident Inspection Group, we take home inspections and home inspection training seriously, and field training plays a significant role in that. If you would like to learn more about our home inspection training and how to become a home inspector, please get in touch today, and we would be happy to help!