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How Home Inspectors Can Help Realtors

As a home inspector, you’re generally not just working by yourself. You might be completing the inspection on your own, but you’re part of a larger process. For example, realtors are relying on your expert opinions, and buyers and sellers are also invested in your approach. 

Working together with real estate agents, home inspectors can help make the entire home buying experience professional and smooth while increasing the chance of referrals and working together more. Here’s how:

Explain the nuances

The first thing to bear in mind when working with realtors and real estate agents is that clear communication is extremely valuable. Your report will impact the buyers and sellers, and being able to explain nuances clearly and succinctly so they can understand the implications is crucial. 

That includes the difference between major and minor issues and fielding questions about your process and last-minute questions that might arise. It also helps real estate agents understand your process better, making it easier to work together.

Prompt reporting

Working together with realtors is not just about your process during the home inspection, but how you communicate after. Realtors appreciate prompt and consistent reporting since it helps speed up the buying and selling process – and of course, helps them create a better relationship with their clients. 

Completing and delivering the home inspection report quickly and being available to answer questions after the report can help you establish a better rapport with real estate agents that can be incredibly beneficial. 

Be personable and approachable

Ultimately, the most essential qualities of a home inspector are being personable and approachable throughout the process. Real estate agents prefer to work with home inspectors that are easy to get along with, are available to answer questions, and patient when buyers and sellers may need additional information after reading the report. 

There are, of course, situations where tempers may arise, or someone may get impatient, but keeping your cool will go a long way. The more you can establish a friendly relationship with realtors and real estate agents, and make it as easy as possible to work with you, the more benefits you’ll see. 

The home inspection process can be a stressful time for buyers and sellers, and keeping in mind the position of the real estate agent throughout that process can help you work with them. They are trying to balance different expectations, and your report could impact their work in various ways. Being empathetic and approachable ensures that real estate agents and realtors feel comfortable working with you and won’t hesitate to get in touch for another opportunity. 

As a home inspector, you’re part of a larger process when it comes to home buying. Working together with realtors and real estate agents can be beneficial for increasing business, but it also gives you the opportunity to build connections that can be valuable down the line. To learn more about the home inspection process and how to build your home inspection business, please get in touch with us today.