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How to Have a Smooth Consultation for Your Home Inspection

Home inspections can be daunting for homeowners. It’s always a bit intimidating knowing someone will scrutinize your house, and it’s easy to get uncomfortable. However, if you’re working with an experienced home inspection company, that shouldn’t be the case. They should be able to put you at ease and complete the home inspection efficiently and to the highest professional standards.

During a home inspection, the key things the home inspector is examining are the interior and exterior of the house. This includes the foundation, roof, electrical systems, heating and plumbing, and more. Their concern is the house itself. 

Home inspectors won’t be looking for rodents or pests, landscaping, phone systems, alarm systems, etc. A home inspection in California should be a relatively straightforward and objective process 

Looking for ways to make your home inspection consultation go smoothly? Here a few tips to bear in mind:

Be transparent

Before a home inspection, you can confer with the home inspector to discuss any flaws or findings that have come up. You can leave a note before leaving the house for the inspection with anything you wish to disclose.

It might seem tempting to hide things or refrain from disclosing too much to a home inspector, but it never bodes well. Knowing flaws or issues early on (and what you’re planning on doing about it) can reduce any surprises during the inspection. 

At the end of the home inspection, you’ll receive a written report and other documentation relating to the findings, and you can use that time to understand the results of the home inspection better. 

Provide maintenance documentation

Before you leave for a home inspection, put together documentation of any maintenance you have had done recently. This way, home inspectors will be able to do the review with full knowledge of what has been done, and it demonstrates that you have been proactive about repairing and maintenance overall. 

You should also retain and provide documentation from technicians and engineers that have inspected the house recently, if any, and their findings. Having this documentation right from the start can help the home inspection go more smoothly and streamline the process.

Block out time and go out

Believe it or not, one of the best tips for a smooth home inspection is to leave! Home inspections take time, and home inspectors will need to go over everything thoroughly. You can choose to either leave early, at least 30 minutes to an hour prior, or leave right when the home inspectors arrive. 

Bear in mind that a home inspection can take anywhere between two to three hours, so plan to be out of the house for a while but still close enough that you can have a final chat with the home inspector if necessary.

Before you leave, ensure that access to the attic and garage is easy, and check locks so that inspectors can go into rooms as needed. The best way to get through a home inspection smoothly is to stay out of the way and make it as easy as possible for home inspectors to access different parts of your home.

If working with a professional property inspection team, you can feel confident that your home inspection consultation will go smoothly. Providing all the maintenance documents early on and leaving notes to clarify any issues will go a long way in keeping the process simple. 

At Trident Inspection Group, we take home inspections seriously. We offer property inspections in California that adhere to the highest standard and promise objectivity and honesty throughout. Our goal is to provide an accurate and fair assessment in our home inspections, with teams you can trust. To learn more about our home inspection service and home inspection consultations, get in touch today!