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Tips For Getting Your Offer Accepted in the Low Inventory Real Estate Market

Whenever we get a call for a home inspection or termite inspection order, the first words out of my mouth are usually “Congratulations on getting your offer accepted!” In today’s market it is extremely competitive as there are several factors working on behalf of sellers.

  1. Inventory is LOW! So that means that when the home is listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), active buyer’s agents are scouring their email alerts and notifying their clients that a new home fitting their buying criteria has entered the market.

  2. Interest rates are LOW! Buyers are confident and can borrow money at the cheapest interest rates that have ever been available in our history. Low rates equal qualified buyers that are ready to hit the streets with their pre-approval letter in hand.

  3. Competitive multiple offers above asking price within days of hitting the market gives sellers the upper hand.


These conditions might make it challenging for you and your buyer.

If you represent buyers, don’t let these conditions get you down. There are winning strategies that you can employ quickly and efficiently to achieve success for your buyer clients!


According to top Orange County Buyer’s Agents, here are some tips that can set your offer apart from the rest:

  1. Write a letter. This works in many ways:

    • As a Realtor, let everybody that you come into contact with know that you have active and approved buyers that you are working with. Scour the listings for the best opportunities and reach out with a personal touch to enhance relationships.

    • Have your buyer client’s write a personal letter to the sellers that you can submit with their offer. Communicate a vision for their interest in the home, include photos of their children or pets and discuss their intentions with the home. Communicate their desire to raise their family there and become members of the community.  This is about personalizing the offer to the seller. Showing them the family behind the offer which can be the difference in getting your offer accepted among the others.

  2. Do not always rely on the MLS. Shake the tree and look for off market opportunities if possible. These may come available through relationships that you may have with friends and family members and their spheres of influence. Pocket opportunities not advertised on the MLS will give your buyers an exclusive look at the property to help in their decision making going forward.

  3. Communicate communicate communicate! Be persistent but not a bother. The listing agent is busy so ensure that you are reaching out often and consistently on behalf of your clients. Be the squeaky wheel and be professional. Ensure all of your paperwork is filled out correctly (this is critical). Give the listing agent the impression that working with you will be a professional and timely transaction that will move forward towards closing with a purpose.

  4. Lastly, always operate in the best interest of your clients. If the property is not right for them, do not force the sale. Keep working hard for your clients and they will remember your efforts for years to come. They will refer you to their friends and family and even ask that you list their home in the future. Above all, relationships and integrity matter.