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What Is Home Inspection Training?

If you’re thinking about becoming a certified home inspector, doing your home inspection training is essential. Each system of the house is different, and understanding how it all works together and what you need to be looking for during home inspections requires expert-level knowledge and expertise. 

The home inspection process is about balancing the knowledge you’ve gained with in-field opportunities to practice that and improve your skills. In this post, we’ll break down what home inspection training is and what you need to know before going ahead with it. 

What is home inspection training?

We’ll be honest; a good home inspector is only as good as their training. Home inspector training is essentially grounded in understanding the different systems a house is made up of and how to inspect each one to ensure safety. Home inspections are crucial for homeowners, buyers, and sellers, and a lot will hinge on their assessment. 

Home inspection training is about understanding the rules and responsibilities of a home inspection and what you’ll need to be looking for each time.

To ensure that your training will serve you well, your chosen provider should work with a body such as the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) as a training partner. This essentially confirms that what you are learning is in line with current standards and practices. Your home inspection training should also include field opportunities and plenty of options to practice your skills and learn on the job. 

Here’s a general list of what you can expect to learn from a home inspection training:

  • Structural foundations of a home

  • Inspecting the home’s exterior

  • Learning about roofing

  • Properly inspecting electrical systems and plumbing.

  • The basics of heating and cooling

  • How to inspect the home’s interiors

  • What you need to know about insulation and ventilation

  • Looking at fireplaces & Wood-burning appliances

  • Inspecting pools & spas

  • Other aspects of a home, such as irrigation systems and environmental issues

On a broader level, your home inspection training will also include:

  • Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics

  • Business practices and what you need to know

  • How to approach risk management

Overall, a home inspection training will be a mixture of practical knowledge around each aspect of a home inspection while also giving you insight into the business of home inspections and what you can expect. 

Why do I need home inspection training?

You need home inspection training because most homeowners, buyers, and sellers will not want to work with someone who is not adequately trained. That’s the primary concern. From a practical standpoint, how can you confidently and correctly inspect a home without knowing what to look for? 

Without proper training, you run the risk of not recognizing real liabilities and issues within a house. This is why it’s vital to choose home inspection training that doesn’t just give you theoretical information but gives you hands-on opportunities to apply those learnings. It’s crucial to pick home inspection training where you get to learn from reputable, experienced professionals that can guide you throughout the process. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what home inspection training is and what courses Trident Group offers for home inspection training, please get in touch today to learn more!