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How Can a Mold Inspection Protect You and Your Family?

All too often, there are hidden dangers within a home that are only able to be seen by a trained professional with the right equipment. Trident Inspection Group knows well the risks that are associated with mold inside the home, and why good indoor air quality is important for the welfare of your family. We recommend that buyers verify indoor air quality with a mold inspection before they complete the real estate transaction of a new home or commercial property. Let’s go over the benefits of a mold inspection, how they work, and how they could protect your family.

Indoor air quality and mold testing

Why Do You Need a Mold Inspection?

Everyone wants to have favorable indoor air quality, especially since we all spend so much of our time inside our homes. For those with respiratory issues, indoor air quality is especially important. If you or someone in your household experiences onset asthma, skin irritation, or are immune compromised, elderly, or a very young child, then we believe checking for mold should be a top priority. You can trust that our Certified Indoor Air Consultants are highly trained to identify areas that are ideal for mold growth in order to help protect your family from potential sickness.

How Does a Mold Inspection Work?

There are two phases of a mold inspection: A visual examination for signs of mold, and testing. When our expert arrives to establish the presence of mold, they will first take surface samples using swab and tape lift methods. They will also take air samples of both indoor and outdoor air to have a means of comparison. Lastly, we send our collected samples to a third-party accredited lab to run the tests which will determine both the type of mold and the indoor concentration. 

Schedule Your Mold Inspection Today

Trident Inspection Group wants you to have peace of mind with our trustworthy and experienced team of professionals. In addition to indoor air quality and mold testing, we provide residential inspections, commercial inspections, sewer inspections, chimney inspections, and more throughout Orange County and surrounding areas of California. Contact us today at (714) 332-6689 to request a quote or to schedule your inspection now.