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How to Ensure a Home is Safe For an Elderly Household Member

Are you planning an aging in place strategy for you or a family member to utilize a current home for the long term? There are elements in the home that will need to be addressed to ensure there are no safety hazards and that everything is accessible for seniors or those with physical limitations. Trident Inspection Group offers aging in place inspections that will help you identify anything that will need to be modified or updated within the home to make it more conducive to its elderly occupants. Let’s go over some of the items that will be the focus of our safety inspection.

Aging in Place Inspection

The Exterior of the Home

When we evaluate the home’s exterior, we will ensure that the stairs or ramp are slip-resistant and include handrails. We will check the accessibility of doorways, driveways, walkways, the garage, and other exterior structures the elderly household member will traverse outside the home. Our inspector will also evaluate for adequate lighting, easy-care landscaping, secure doors, and easy-to-use locks and knobs. Lastly, we will ensure the house number is visible from the street for first responders.

The Interior of the Home

We will focus on certain items inside the home to ensure they are present and fully functional. We will assess maneuverability in each room and passageway of the home, as well as the layout and location of certain spaces in a multi-level home. When we look closer at the electrical, fixtures, appliances, security systems, and other components, we will ensure they are safe and easy to use. One of the most important elements of the home’s interior that we consider is the flooring and other surfaces that could cause a slip or a fall.

Put Together Your Plan

Our inspection gives you plenty of time to draft a plan for the short-term and long-term upgrades the home will require. That way, you can prioritize and budget based on our information. You will receive a report from us on the next business day following the inspection with our recommendations for modification. We want to help give you the peace of mind of staying in a familiar home that is safe and accessible for all its occupants. 

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